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We WellBred provide innovative solutions, products and services that protect, conserve and ensure the performance and function of modern industry..

Technical characteristics

High-performance insulation withstands extreme conditions, Coatings are resistant to weather, chemicals and corrosion, Robust surfaces protect against mechanical damage, Prefabrication process only uses high-quality materials, Assembly times on construction sites are reduced dramatically, Temperature ranges from; minus196ºC (cryogenic) up to +8.



Cryogenic insulation System

We Provide,

Design engineering, Pre fabrication, Installation of cladding material

We are dependable, well trained personnel with proven experience in the safe installation, removal, disposal and recycling of Cryogenic insulation.our many years of experience, an excellent safety record, speed, and efficiency are all characteristics of the quality of service that your company can expect from our company throughout the country.

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